Wicked Transmission

by Maison du Malheur

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Catalogus (CD): EXCEL96334
Catalogus (VINYL): EXCEL96333
Release date NL: March 25th 2013
Release date BE: May 27th 2013
Label (NL + BE): Excelsior Recordings & Tikkeboemtsjing, www.excelsior-recordings.com & www.tikkeboemtsjing.com

J.P. MESKER - vocals, tenor banjo, rhythm guitar
HECTOR WIJNBERGEN - piano, organetta (9), backing vocals (1)
THIJS ELZINGA - lead guitar, dobro (8)
MARTIN DE RUITER - drums, backing vocals (1, 2, 4), percussion (2, 5, 10)
ARNO BAKKER - sousaphone (1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10), trombone (4, 8, 9)
JANFIE VAN STRIEN - clarinet (2, 6, 10), tenor saxophone (1, 7, 9, 10), alto saxophone (4)
HANS SULMANN bariton saxophone (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10), tenor saxophone (4)
DONNÉ LA FONTAINE - upright bass (2, 3, 6), musical saw (2)
MISCHA PORTE - drums (1, 7), percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10)

WOUTER HAKHOFF - trumpet (4)
BELLE SONNEVELD - backing vocals (1, 5, 9)
MIKKEL VAN DER MEULEN - theremin (4)

Edd, Amsterdam

Henny Boogert

Thomas Olivier, Remko Schouten, Donné la Fontaine, Remco Frijns, Aram Haagsman, Pim & Ellie Mesker, Kasper Frenkel, Belle Sonneveld, Wouter Hakhoff, Mikkel van der Meulen, Wim Elzinga, Kiki & Linda, Edd, Alex Barbaix, Katja & Panne, Gijs Cals, Jair Hoogland, Ferry Roseboom, Jeroen Kleijn, Tom Willinck, Het Domijn, De Roze Tanker, Schenk Studio, Gilian de Haas, Henny Boogert, Jan Schenk & Henk "Tape Operator" Jonkers


released March 25, 2013

Songs & Lyrics by J.P. Mesker except Safehouse by J.P. Mesker & Thijs Elzinga
Horn arrangements by Janfie van Strien (4) and Arno Bakker (9)

Recorded by Thomas Olivier and Kasper Frenkel at IJLand Studio / Electric Monkey Studio
Except Safehouse recorded at Het Domijn, Weesp by Thomas Olivier
Mixed by Thomas Olivier, Remko Schouten and Maison du Malheur
Mastered by Darius van Helfteren at Amsterdam Mastering
Produced by Thomas Olivier and Maison du Malheur, 2013



all rights reserved


Maison du Malheur The Netherlands


Management (Worldwide):
Tin Ear Management Company
Aram Haagsman

Bookings (General):
Sedate Bookings
Gijs Cals

Label (NL + BE):
Excelsior Recordings
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Track Name: Jailbird
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

I travelled down the road alone
Mindin’ my own, my own affairs
Got no worry, got no care in the world
Everything was safe & sound
Then the law came round
Turned it all upside down

Now I’m a Jailbird
I’ve got a cage to call my own
A Jailbird
Not a lot of space where I can roam
Spread a wing and get some air
You know, sometimes, sometimes, sometimes
Life treats you unfair

Don’t know where they came from
Don’t know what I done
They put chains on me, they done me wrong
They done me wrong
I got a free ride to the bighouse
Didn’t take them very long

When I take a look at myself
I see an honest, kind and law abiding man
But I may have broke some rules
This time the striped pyama’s don’t belong to me, oh no
They’re somebody else ‘s
I’m as innocent as I’m a fool

I swear I didn’t do it, didn’t do nothing at all
I swear I didn’t do it, i’m just here to take the fall
There’s no free get out of jailcards
I’m straight out o’ luck
They’re gonna keep me here forever
They will never let me walk
Track Name: Jug
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

Ain’t a lot to do here, just pass away the time
Ain’t no cars here, no boats, no nothing
Just a couple of hills to climb
And the wind keeps-a-howlin’ way above the trees
I’m plowing my way through a thik pack of snow
I’m way up to my knees

So let’s keep that fire burning
Pass that jug around
It’s the only thing warm in this whole damn’ storm
Just pass that jug around

I used to have a sweethart, to keep me warm at night
She was good to me but she let me be
Told me she’d seen the light
Now I’m spending my days in darkness, chopping logs into sticks
Handover that matchbook
And I’ll show you some of my oldest tricks

Now I’m chattering my teeth,
Tryin’ to fight of the cold
Pouring down that liquer
Got my arms uncrossed, got my legs unfolded
I’m about as ready as can be
To find myself a new darling, find myself a new baby
Track Name: Man for the Job
Man for the Job
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

I’m not your everyday burglar
I’m not your everyday crook
I’m not your nine to five conman
I wrote my own book

I’m talkin’ ’bout a code here
I work you pay
I’m a real class act
I’ll go all the way

I stay on my feet
where another man drops

I’m a bonafide locksmith
I’ve got a degree
Some say I’m a fraud
Some say I ain’t me

I’ve got an old stethoscope
Both smooth and refined
I’ll crack your nut
But your problems ain’t mine

I dare to proceed
Where another man stops
I’m the man for the job

I like to dig tunnels
I like to drill holes
I like to speed things up
That’s how I roll

I come highly recommended
My teeth are reel
I charge by the hour
I drive an automobile

Where you go down
Is where I go up
I’m the man for the job
Track Name: Wicked Transmission
Wicked Transmission
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

Lay me down lay me low lay me anyway you can
It feels so good I just don’t understand
How it got to this, and where it’s gonna go
That I just don’t know

I went down to the city, with them lights shining bright
She whispered in my ear: “Won’t you spend the night?”
I was way beyond redemption, severely magnetized
I looked her straight in the eye
I agreed to pay the price

There are certain things a man must require
If a peaceful life is what he desires
Something to ease his mind, a shelter from the storm
Porkchops & beans to eat, a fire to keep him warm

We tend to forget what we value the most
With a spark or a drop, it’s the same coast to coast
Mermaids start singing, hips start swinging
They will have their way
We are easy pray

I was struck by enchantment I swallowed it down
I danced in slowmotion ’till I fell to the ground
A wicked transmission took the upper hand on me
My will no longer free
Track Name: Mr Porter
Mr Porter
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

I woke up at the station
Opened up my eyes
The porter told me to wake up
He wasn’t gonna tell me twice
I said I got to get away
From all my misery
He said: “Son, the only way you’re goin’
Is the hell away from me”

That ain’t gonna stop me
That ain’t gonna slow me down
That ain’t gonna stop me
You can’t slow me down
I’m moving straight to Singleton town

So I walked up to the counter
I said: “Look-a-here mr Porter
I don’t mean to fool around
I don’t mean to cause disorder”
He said: “You better disappear”
I said: “No man, gimme that ticket out o’ here
And I sure as hell ain’t no son of yours
I hope I made it clear

That you ain’t gonna stop me
You ain’t gonna slow me down
You can’t slow me down
I’m moving straight to Singleton town”

Now I’m all ready for departure
Staring down the tracks
And I’m thinkin’ by myself: “Keep running man
Running and down look back”
All of a sudden mr Porter shows up
He said: I wouldn’t smile if I was you
All trains headin’ for Singleton
Are delayed, now what you gonna do?”

Well that ain’t gonna stop me
That ain’t gonna slow me down
You can’t slow me down
I’m moving straight to Singleton town
Track Name: Moon
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

Sometimes I get a little moody
Sometimes I get a little dazed
I get real lonely, if only
If only I could get a taste
Just a small one
Life without you is just no fun

If I could only have you here in my arms
All my woe’s would disappear
Vaporize into the air
I don’t care what it takes
What I’ll have to do
To get you home soon,soon,soon
Spend some time under the same moon

Sometimes when I close my eyes
I see you, I dream away for a while
Memories of you put a smile on my face
Those moments I embrace
How I fantasize
Life with you is paradise

How I’m I supposed to get by
How am I supposed to overcome
Everyday I die a little
Everyday I sigh
Life just don’t feel right
Without you by my side
Track Name: Wolf
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

I just spend the day below poverty line
Sometimes I struggle to make ends meet, but I’m still fine
There’s a wolf at my door, don’t pay him no mind

I’ve been living on toxics last couple of days
I’m a walking barrel, can’t find my ways
If I keep this up I’ll never leave this place

This is going from bad to worse
I think my bubble is about to burst
Can’t shake this thing
It must be a curse

There’s a wolf at my door
There’s a wolf at my door
There’s a wolf at my door
There’s a wolf at my door
It’s coming for you, it’s coming for me

There’s a wolf at my door, it’s got a healthy appetite
There’s a wolf at my door, can’t be satisfied
I think that wolf’s gonna stick around here
With that healthy appetite
I think he’ll stick around here
Can’t be satisfied
I think he’ll stay here
‘Till the day I die
Track Name: Safe House
Safe House
Words J.P. Mesker
Music T. Elzinga

I’ve tried to take it easy
I’ve tried to be good
I’ve tried to make it back in one piece
I’ve stayed out of trouble, just for a day
Eventhough it’s not my expertise

I’ve tried to lay low
Best as I could
Kept myself on a leash
I’ve tried everything to stay away from earthly sin
All in vain considering the state I’m in

There ain’t nothing alike
In the whole wide world for me
Ain’t nowhere in this big old world
Where I would rather be
Track Name: Blue
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

Where have you been, tell me where did you hide yourself
All this time, I’ve been looking for you
I can’t recall, seeing you at all anywhere
And I don’t know just what to do

Did you come tumbling down from somewhere way above the clouds
It didn’t seem to ‘ve caused you no harm
Well how about that, a magical descendence, supremely overwhelming
I gotta say I’m charmed

Honey, you came straight out of the blue
Sunny skies came falling after you
And the good times too
I’m so lucky that it’s you
Honey you came straight out of the blue

Don’t live a quiet live, don’t spend much time around the corner
I hardly know how to use a telephone
But I’ve got some tunes to keep you company while I’m way out of reach
When you’re feeling all alone

Don’t have a lot to offer, what you see is what you get
Don’t own a lot of stuff, just a table and a bed
An old piano a suitcase and a couple of guitars
But we belong together like whiskey and cigars

So quickly you appeared, so quickly you where gone
Vanished into thin air like snow melting in the sun
Track Name: Demon Rum
Demon Rum
Words & Music J.P. Mesker

Heavy on the bottle, heavy on the pills
Heavy on whatever gives a lonely man a thrill
They say this stuff can make a grown man ill
I’m still good, I’ve got the wind in my sails

I’m not heading for the east, Im not heading for the west
I’m heading for whatever place my compas thinks is best
This storm is nearly over, but I’m still in the mist
If I don’t find that lighthouse we’ll be sleeping with the fishes

I’m sipping on that demon rum
It’s got me now, you better hold on
I don’t care if salvation never comes
I’ll be here, sipping on demon rum

A fellow man on this boat says I’ve got something to hide
Well I can tell you I’ve got no more secrets left inside
I’ve got a lot of stories, more than I count
I’ll tell you all about when my head stops spinning ’round

Drinking ain’t a fellon here, drinking ain’t a crime
Drinking gives a troubled man a little space and time
So wander out and settle down up in that crows nest
Ain’t no safe place in this whole damn’ mess

I’m not in it for the diamonds, I’m not in it for the drinks
I’m not in it for the bravoury, this old barrel here won’t sink
It’s coming down in buckets, I’m still in the dark
It’s just another vessel not exactly Noah’s ark

This ship is making water, we’re leaking like a sieve
All hell is breaking loose but I’m not about to leave
You wanna take me down to the bottom of the sea
You can kiss me later first you’ll have to dance with me